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Little Woods - Silicone Baby Utensils / 2 Pack - Regular price $19.00

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This fun and unique silicone spoon and fork combination has been especially designed to help your baby build the skills required to manipulate regular utensils.

Your little one will love working out how to scoop and stab their food on their own, whilst building their confidence and dexterity to become an independent eater.

Made from 100% non-toxic silicone, our baby utensils are soft and gentle on little mouths and gums and feature a unique anti-slip handle especially designed for little hands.

Perfectly sized and light to hold, our silicone baby spoons and forks are ideal for Baby-led Weaning and independent feeding.

Due to their length, they can easily be used by parents to spoon feed as well.

You’ll love our baby utensils for:

★ non-toxic and chemical free
★ unique design
★ watching your baby’s independence grow
★ soft on little hands and mouths
★ easy care
★ heat safe
★ beautifully packaged for gifting

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