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My Family - Food Jar - Regular price $29.95

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My Family makes it easy to build healthy bodies and a healthy planet with portioned controlled vacuum sealed (10 hours hot) Food Jar + Soft Spork.  From your baby’s first solids through to elementary school, My Family lunch solutions will inspire parents to pack healthy lunches! 

 Key Product Features

  • Food Jar stays hot for 10 hours and cool for 7 hours! 

  • Includes soft spork that attaches for easy storage

  • Premium quality, BPA Free and food grade long lasting materials! 

  • Use from 12 months with self feeding recommended from 24 months.

  • The highest quality food-grade stainless steel is used in our 100% leakproof Food Jars, which means food stays warm and safe for 10 hours as you packed it!

  • Manufacturing is to the highest standards so you can be sure our products are drop proof and kid tough. These lids and sporks are designed for little fingers – easy to open and close!  

  • At the end of the day, simply hand wash the Food Jar air thoroughly.


  • Food stays fresh and won’t leak even with kid rough treatment.

  • Makes packing a super nutritious lunch and snacks super easy and fun.

  • 12 month warranty, reusable, kind to planet, and super safe!

  • Makes days out with your family fun and gorgeously coordinated!

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