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Hello Willow

Olli Ella - Holdie Folk Felt Magical Creatures - Regular price $55.00

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Say Hello to the Holdie Magical Creatures.

These Magical Creatures and revered by all who live in the Holdie World. Each Creature brings magic, play and adventure to all who meet them.

Unicorn takes great pride in her ability to heal all creatures with her magical horn.

Nessy is sweet and shy and always knows where to catch the best fish. Plus, what fun to go on a water ride with speedy Nessy!

Dragon is always there to light your camp fire and can often be found dozing in a secret hideaway cave.

Handmade from a soft wool blend with sweet embroidered features.

They can stand on their own and are the perfect size for little hands or for hiding in pockets.

They come as a set of 3, beautifully packaged in a collectable box.

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