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Pebble Lane - Room Spray - Regular price $38.00

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Low tox living that looks good, smells good and makes you feel good.  Pebble Lane is heart crafted in Elwood, Victoria. Inspired by nature and carefully bottled to capture all goodly things.

The Pebble Lane room spray range has been consciously, meticulously and uniquely blended to evoke memories, awaken the senses, calm the body and mind and add to the ambience of your home and space. Pebble Lane is about working harmoniously with the gifts of mother nature and our mind, body and spirit. We have curated each room spray with attention to detail – for the smell but also for the potential emotional and wellbeing benefits. Sourcing products from around the world, from their native home – what better source than mother nature.


Zesty – It’s all in the name. Imagine zesting a fresh orange or lemon and your senses go into heaven inhaling the sprays of oils that fly into the air… it makes the taste buds sing. Zesty is the perfect combination of all the citrus oils. From blood orange to lemon myrtle and the unforgettable aroma of yuzu. This is summer freshness in a bottle. Spray Zesty to any room and you will feel refreshed, uplifted and reenergised.


Petal – Petal is like smelling a fresh bouquet of flowers. Delicate in aroma, it is sweet and florally yet earthy and calming. Petal has the essential oils that promote serenity, calmness and relaxation. The lavender, geranium and rosewood are balanced out with a hint of pink pepper, sage and marjoram. Use Petal to fill your space with the beautiful fresh and floral aroma. Petal is also perfect to use before bed time to create a calming and relaxing mood perfect for those sweet dreams.



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