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Olli Ella-Sollie Stroller - Regular price $59.00

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The Sollie Stroller – the perfect solution for encouraging toddlers to explore on their own two feet! Designed by Olli Ella, this kids' doll stroller is not just a toy but a valuable tool in nurturing independence and creativity in your little one.


· Quilted cotton stroller seat with metal foldable stroller frame, comes in drawstring shoulder bag

· The stroller has a metal and plastic frame, and the seat is quilted 100% cotton and 100% polyester fiber.

· The stroller frame is equipped with a safety latch to prevent the chair from collapsing.

· Supervision is recommended at all times. 

· Recommended weight limit: 10kg

· Age recommendation: 3+ years


· Dimensions: L 52cm x W 24cm x H 54cm

· Weight: 1 kg

Available in Rose or Honey


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