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Hello Willow

Lil big World - interactive toddler book - Regular price $24.95

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The moment they are born, your baby deserves the best. At LilBigWorld, we design books that help you bond with your baby and build emotional security and unconditional love.  We create books with love and passion and are confident you will love them too. We want to give you a reason to turn off your phone and spend some quality time with your little one.

  • Toddler proof: Our board books are made of thick cardboard pages which makes them tough to destroy
  • Interactive & Fun: Easy to use sliders to push & pull
  • Educational: Builds vocabulary & encourage early literacy
  • Develop fine motor skills: Easy to turn pages which promote manual dexterity
  • Beautifully illustrated: Bright colours that will hold your baby's attention without being overwhelming


  • Each book comes in a beautifully illustrated cardboard box
  • Hand packed in Brisbane, Australia
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