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Hello Willow

OB Designs - Huggies - Regular price $44.95

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OB Designs Huggies invite extended playtime for maximum benefits like creating joy, developing agility and coordination, enhancing motor skills and reducing stress and anxiety in toddlers and babies. 

Playing with plush toys helps toddlers develop a sense of independence and identity through the attachment to soft toys like these super soft Huggies.

Each toy comes with a sweet and fun bio, perfect for gifting and a wonderful keepsake.

  • Suitable for Ages 0+
  • All characters are 34 cm long - except Kobe and Kobi Koala who is 38 cm long
  • Weighted beads in arms, legs & belly
  • Made by a Sedex audited Manufacturer
  • Interior of toys are recycled material
  • 100% Polyester interior and exterior


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